The (Re-)Making of a Discipline. Digital Transformation and Internationalization in and beyond Uralic Studies (REMODUS)

The REMODUS consortium stands with the Ukrainian people in their struggle for freedom and democracy. We pay respect to all those people in the Russian Federation who oppose the criminal policies of their government. We stand in solidarity with our colleagues and the students of Ukraine and will take measures to support them.


REMODUS is an Erasmus+-funded strategic partnership consisting of ten European universities offering tuition in Uralic (Finno-Ugric) Studies. In this discipline, a small number of scholars are responsible for a wide thematic range, consequently no one department can offer tuition on all aspects of it. To provide our students with a broad view on the multifarious research being carried out in our discipline (which covers the European national languages Hungarian, Finnish, and Estonian, as well as a broad spectrum of endangered minority languages spoken in diverse multilingual communities) and give them access to leading scholars irrespective their academic focal points, an internationalized architecture of our discipline is of paramount importance.

In REMODUS these ambitions have been given form: the ten participating universities will be organizing a string of online and hybrid teaching events that will guarantee a broadened horizon for scholars and students at all participating universities, and a steady flow of information between them.

The Strategic Partnership is funded for three years (01.01.2022–31.12.2024) by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union with a total volume of EUR 216,904.00. It is a follow-up of two earlier Erasmus+-funded strategic partnerships, INFUSE – “Integrating Finno-Ugric Studies in Europe” (2015–2018) and COPIUS – “Community of Practice in Uralic Studies” (2018-2021). For general information about Erasmus+ please contact the Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research (OeAD).

In alphabetical order of the home city, the participating universities are (links lead to the department websites):

More information on our activities will be published soon.