REMODUS winter school 2023

The 2023 Winter School of Finno-Ugric Studies, part of the Erasmus+-funded strategic partnership REMODUS, was held at the University of Szeged between 30 January and 4 February 2023. The programme can be found below. The winter school was a hybrid teaching event: students could participate in person, or over the Internet.

11th Winter School /REMODUS - Erasmus+ strategic partnership

University of Szeged, 30 JAN – 4 FEB, 2023


Language course: Old Hungarian (Katalin Gugán, Hungarian Research Centre for Linguistics, Budapest)

Workshop I. Mária Sipos (Hungarian Research Centre for Linguistics, Budapest): Working with manuscripts – Analyzing Khanty individual songs from metrical point of view: filler elements

Workshop II.: Alexandre Arkhipov, Aleksandr Riaposov (Universität Hamburg): From a manuscript to a digitally searchable annotated corpus

Guest Lecture I: Zoltán Nagy (University of Pécs): From Finno-ugric ethnography to cultural anthropology

Guest Lecture II: István Povedák (Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest): Did Jesus speak Finno-Ugric languages? The Turkish-Ugric-Finnish-Hungarian-Skythe-Etruskian-Sumer-Syriusian inter-galactic war. Anti-Finno-Ugric conspiracy mentality and everyday nationalism in Hungary

The detailed program and further information will be published in December.